๐Ÿ†• [EN] PTE Magic Platform - Update v3.0

Greetings, fellow PTE Magic members,

Iโ€™m Henry, a member of the PTE Magic technical team, and I have some exciting updates to share with you regarding the PTE Magic platform:

All the updates mentioned below will be implemented in the system at 8:00 PM on June 15, 2023 (Sydney time).

  • Enhancements to the Question Bank - Speaking for Read Aloud & Repeat Sentence

We have made improvements to the grading system for Read Aloud and Repeat Sentence questions. Now, when you receive your answer evaluation, you will see one of three categories: Good, Average, or Missing. โ€œGoodโ€ indicates correct word pronunciation, โ€œAverageโ€ reflects almost correct pronunciation, and โ€œMissingโ€ represents incorrect pronunciation or missing words compared to the question.

  • Reduction of missing transcripts in audio responses

We understand that some students were experiencing issues with their speaking responses not receiving proper grading or feedback. We are pleased to inform you that our technical team has addressed this problem and made significant improvements.

  • Introducing the Search All feature - version 1.0

You can now utilize the Search All feature on the Dashboard. This powerful tool allows you to search based on answer, title, or question ID. While there may be some limitations in its current version, our team is continuously working to make further enhancements in the upcoming weeks.
PTE Magic ChangeLog Notion (720 ร— 720 px)

  • Coming Soon

iOS application beta version and Marketplace: We have some exciting developments in the pipeline! Soon, we will be launching the beta version of our iOS application, providing you with even more opportunities for practice. Additionally, we are working on introducing a Marketplace where you can access a range of other features to enhance your PTE Magic experience.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance and expand the PTE Magic platform.

Best regards,

PTE Magic team